Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Seen Toys Lately?

Completely out of nowhere Barry Levinson's 1992 film Toys just popped into my head - I'm pretty sure that's the first time that's happened since... oh... let's say 1992. Actually I remember liking the movie way back then (granted, I was 14) but it's just up and made itself vanish, eh? I can't even remember what it's about. It's kind of Willy Wonka meets Being There, maybe? I don't know. Anyway I'm suddenly really curious to see it again. The fact that it stars Robin Williams smack dab between voicing the genie in Aladdin and waving around old lady breasts wildly in Mrs. Doubtfire though, that worries me - this is a prime self-indulgent period for him. But Joan Cusack! Hrm. So have any of you seen it lately? Thoughts?


Jasper said...

Yes. Don't.

Jason Adams said...

Succinct. Appreciated. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked it. It's very clever and RW gives a controlled performance but it does go a little nuts with the war theme..still JC is brilliant and LL Cool J gives a fun turn. I think the special effects are timeless.

The near ending could make your cheek damp.

Anonymous said...

Don't? I really don't want to live in your world, lol...

My vote: Do it now!! The movie is very quirky, but it really feels like it's being told from the perspective of a child -- that's what Robin Williams character really is -- and even though Williams is forced to grow up to deal with the central issue, he still is able to maintain some of that child-like wonder.

Prospero said...

Robin's toy-maker dad dies and wacky child-like Robin and his wackier, infantile robot sister (Joan Cusack) have to stop their evil uncle from turning the factory into a weapons facility. Bubble-blowing headstones are just the start of this wacky (see how many times I used the word?) piece of crap. Don't waste your time.

mangrove said...

Only movie that I saw where you'd have thought the director was at war with the production designer.

One was going for heartfelt war/business allegory (with that script and that lead?) and the other went balls-out with over-budgeted surrealism. The clash does not work at all. But Joan is amazing as always.
To be seen to be believed.

Anonymous said...

Viva, Joan!
Viva, swan bed!
Viva, bubble blowing tombstone!
Viva, "Happy Workers" from Tori Amos!

However, it's not a good movie, and suffers from Director's Long Held Dream Project Syndrome.