Friday, December 14, 2012

Quote of the Day

"She seemed happier, I don't know."

--- Hugh Jackman on how his Les Miz co-star Amanda Seyfried reacted to him giving her a Happy Birthday lap-dance a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, no doubt she was happy, dude. He also calls her the "naughtiest, cheekiest girl," which we already knew. Damn you for living the dream, Amanda Seyfried!


Will h said...

Amanda Seyfried is covertly approaching Jennifer Lawrence-levels of amazing.

TB said...

Amanda Seyfried grew up in my town. Never been more proud :')

James T said...

Amanda and I were born on the same exact day. I haven't enjoyed all these guys, though. I live through her :p

dawn said...

James, I think I live thru her too!