Friday, December 14, 2012

Good Morning, Gratuitous Christian Cooke


Another day, another bout of me posting a bunch of pictures of a dude I don't know jack about. This time it's the actor Christian Cooke, but what do I really need to know other than he looks like...

... what would come from Matt Bomer and Chace Crawford having a baby together, if that were possible (and whether that were possible or not, I would like to see them try). Anyway! He is British, which adds "accent" to his list of tremendously appealing accomplishments. I went to Wikipedia to learn about him, and learnt the following terribly important bit of information:

"His first television appearance was in a commercial for Birds Eye beef burgers. His career has progressed from there."

So there's that. 
Oh and he's got an ass like the gods dreamed of.

What else is there to know? He is currently on that show Magic City, which also stars major MNPP crush Steven Strait.

And apparently he is dating Dianna Agron, that blonde cheerleader from Glee. Lucky girl! So yeah, that's more than you need to know word-wise. Picture-wise, well hit the jump for sixty-plus (especially ass-centric) more. They do all the talking necessary.


joel65913 said...

That's Richard Armitage he's macking on in the one scene, and who can blame him?

Anonymous said...

Agree with the love child of Bomer and Chase, but throw in a little Gael Garcia-Bernal for good measure.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most beautiful men of our time. God is great!

Anonymous said...

Wondering why I'm not eating out Christian Cooke's booty hole right now.