Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Morning, World


I really hope now that Jean Dujardin is Mr. Fancy Pants with an Oscar and global adoration and Scorsese movies and a 40th birthday hitting him today that he doesn't move away from all the great goofy gratuities he's got in his past, that would be a sincere shame. The sincerest! But for now, there's enough back catalog for us to dip into when we need to, for such circumstances, thankfully.

These shots are from the 2010 movie Little White Lies, which we posted about before right here when it was Benoit Magimel's birthday back in May - it was directed by Guillaume Canet, himself a gratuity recipient, but it's supposedly not that great of a movie. Anyway I'm really caring less and less about that the more I see. (ETA All of this preceding paragraph is a lie - these are from a 2010 movie called The Clink of Ice, I have learned - thanks anon!)

Hit the jump for video and a bunch more caps 
of Jean looking bearded, brawny and fine.


Anonymous said...

These are definitely NOT from Little White Lies!

Jason Adams said...

I thought the beard was weird because he didn't have it in other shots I'd seen from LWL but I just assumed this was a different part of the movie - I was going off of what the YouTube video was labelled, which was where I found this. Anybody know what it is really from then?

Anonymous said...

The Clink of Ice, not Little White Lies.

Anonymous said...

Little White Lies is pretty decent but he's hardly in it. If you're watching only to see him, don't bother. These photo are from a cancer comedy called The Clink of Ice.