Monday, June 18, 2012

The Munsters Neighborhood Must Watch


I can't believe it's taken me all day to get around to this news - didja y'all hear who got cast in Bryan Fuller's reboot of The Munsters called Mockingbird Lane over the weekend? I suppose that picture up top's giving away the game. That's right, MNPP fave Cheyenne Jackson will play the leader of lil' Eddie's scout troop, Scout Master Steve. Let's hope they costume him in the shortest Scout Master shorts they can muster - we know Chey's more than got the gams for it.

And MNPP fave Beth Grant is adding another nosy busybody neighbor to her illustrious resume chock filled with 'em - she's joining the cast as "Maryanne, a fortysomething woman who uses a wheelchair and is very suspicious of her creepy new neighbors." Now quick close your eyes and tell me that you can't immediately see Beth's patented and hysterical Suspicious Glare staring back at you. Beth's memorably worked for Bryan before, of course - who could forget Marianne Marie Beattle, the Buffalo-based muffin-maker she played on both Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies?

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