Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Am Link

--- The King Layer - Robb Stark himself, the actor Richard Madden that is, is going to star in a movie called Long Nights Short Mornings which according to Variety "follows a young man on an erotic odyssey through the streets of New York as he sleeps with seven women in seven nights." Like the "erotic odyssey" part that promises potential Robb Stark nakedness, but the "seven women" thing got my eyes to roll. Couldn't he hit up a gay club on Saturday or something?

--- And speaking of A Game of Thrones a whole slew of new characters will be introduced next season, which means if you've found the show confusing and over-loaded so far, just you wait. Which is right about where an adaptation of the books should stand, really. I mean I've read the books and half the names they're saying they're casting for are all, "Oh yeah, I remember that name. I have no idea who they were or what they did, but that name is familiar." I'm not a good enough nerd.

--- Pride Product - Focus Features is releasing a bunch of their many gay-related films on iTunes and on-demand this month in honor of gay pride, and watching this trailer it reminds what a strong force that studio's been in telling gay stories. So much gay greatness!

--- Song Stress - Nat takes on the teaser trailer for the Les Miserables movie starring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway and other people. I haven't watched it yet, like most things on this list it falls in amongst all the things I missed while moving the past two days. But hey I liked that song-n-dance routine Hugh and Anne got up to at the Oscars way back when. I've never seen this musical though. (Shocking no one.)

--- Death Eaters - You can find out some details on Eli Roth's recently announced new movie The Green Inferno over at BD - it's apparently a cannibal flick a la notorious seventies offender Cannibal Holocaust. It's about a place crash in the jungle and what happens from there. Eating people, apparently, is what happens from there. Oh boy can cannibal movies be the next frontier of horror? I say that sarcastically - I can't really stomach (har) them.

--- Going Wilde - Producer Megan Ellison is an American hero. She's the driving force behind getting several MNPP-fave-auteur-driven projects going, including Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie The Master, and Deadline's got word on what's going on with Spike Jonze and David O. Russell's next flicks. One bad part - Olivia Wilde, who I do not like I do not like at all, is attached to Jonze's film. Blecch.

--- Furless - Has anybody watched Teen Wolf on MTV? I haven not but I keep getting lured towards doing so with the mile-high of beefcake the show seems to be stacking. On the advent of its second season my pal Savas got to chat with the show's executive producer, which you can read here; sadly the beefcake situation is not addressed.

--- Fish Story - The sequel to Piranha 3DD is getting a simultaneous theatrical and on-demand release tomorrow, you can read the details here. I'd love to see it since the first one's so much fun, but the way my schedule's been I'm happy to hear I might be able to just plop in front of the couch and view it that way. Although I don't have a 3D TV and I worry what I'll miss without all the gore slapping me in the face. (Tale as old as time, that.)

--- And finally, three names that have been bandied about by rumormongers like yours truly to play the character of sexy-piece Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games movie, are apparently moving from conjecture towards real possibilities according to DH - they be Garrett Hedlund, Armie Hammer and Taylor Kitsch. If I wasn't so behind and short on time today I would probably give this its own post, but I am and so here:


RJ said...

I watched the first season of Teen Wolf. It's pretty dumb, but it's the perfect kind of summer TV show. It's soapy and completely over-the-top and it burns through plot quickly so it never feels like the show is spinning its wheels or taking itself too seriously.

And, yes, lots o'beefcake.

bcarter3 said...

Teen Wolf is definitely worth checking out. I started watching it after reading a beautifully written review by Ian Grey on Indiewire:

As a bonus, the show has great eye candy for those of us who are into Bel Ami/A&F types, and 3 of the 4 leads spend a lot of time shirtless. There are v heavy homoerotic undertones to most of the relationships.

Also, it's funny.