Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rain Three Times, Then More Times


It was only a couple of months ago that we last gawked at Korean superstar Rain for no reason (save the reason Rain is unto himself, of course). Nothing's happened between then and now to make us want to do it again... save the reason Rain is unto himself, of course. His vpl even more so!

Actually I do have a reason - I watched a video of him performing (when he's not being adorable in Park Chan-wook movies he's a singer, you know) for the first time via YouTube and holy hell, he is a drama queen. Watch:

A sexy drama queen, but a drama queen nonetheless. God, if he were American I would judge him for that (and his wacky pop fashion choices) a whole lot harder, so I'm glad I'm able to chalk a lot of it up to cultural differences and then just ogle his abs and assorted parts guilt-free. Anyway from there down the rabbit's hole we went... hit the jump for some more, is my point.

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bcarter3 said...

Rain still has 13+ months to serve in the Korean army, where he's recently been named "Honorary Ambassador of Military", which basically means he'll spend the next year doing PR.

Beautiful, beautiful guy.