Thursday, May 31, 2012

Starf*cker Revisited


I didn't have any photographic evidence to share the other day when I told y'all that I'd spotted Matthew Bomer in my neighborhood - now there are pictures (via). So that's what he looked like when I saw him in my neighborhood last week. (Otherwise known as "perfect.") 

Or I should say old neighborhood, since I just spent the past couple of days moving out of there. And I can't think of a nicer goodbye then finally getting my White Collar sighting of Bomer - they film in that neighborhood all the time, I'd always see the signs, but never the hot piece at the center of all the ruckus... until now. Thanks for seeing me off, Matty! (Getting me off... that's another matter.)

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Heather said...

That just started my day off right.