Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Morning, Gratuitous Jean Dujardin


It struck me a couple of weeks ago that I hadn't heard much (read: anything) from Monsieur Dujardin since he won his little gold man back in February. We were all over him in the run-up to that, and we totally miss him. Last we knew he was back in France promoting his new film Les infidèles (The Players), which was causing a ruckus over its "sexist" posters...

I thought that Jean and his co-star Gilles Lellouche addressed that "controversy" in the finest manner available to them:


And then yesterday a couple of images of Jean and Gilles in the film hit the net, and well, take a look for yourself:

Obviously it was time to think upon Jean some more, imemdiately. Anyone France-side seen the movie and have a clue as to the context there? I need to see more, dammit! MORE. Ahem.

Anyway from there it was down the rabbit hole - there are tons of newish pictures of Jean out there, I discovered. So I shall post them! Hit the jump for 65 more pictures. (With bonus Michel Hazanavicius gay action!)


Steven said...

Magnificent. Simply magnificent.

Angelica Jade said...

This pleases me greatly. Mmmm Jean Dujardin

Taffy said...

It has always confused me why in the french language, a moustache is "une moustache" making it a "feminine" word. Ladies & Gentlemen, there is nothing feminine about M.Dujardin.

Tomo said...

Classically Handsome man, very distinguished