Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Quote of the Day


Apparently people think that Joel Edgerton looks like Conan O'Brien? Who are these people, and are they blind people, without eyeballs in their heads? Are they mole-men that traverse the underside of the Earth through their sense of smell? Bat-boys who use radar? Because god, no. Anyway Vulture asked him about this and his response was endearing:

Vulture: There is a long thread on your IMDb message board where your fans say you look like Conan O'Brien, and one even says, "If Conan O'Brien were good looking, he'd look like Joel." Have you gotten this before?

Joel Edgerton: [Laughs.] I did have someone tell me that I looked like Conan O'Brien. I was like, "What?" Hey, what do you think?

Vulture: Personally, I don't quite see it.

Edgerton: I don't see it, either, but it's hard to be objective about your own looks. I look at myself onscreen and I feel sorry for Conan O'Brien! I recently watched the movie I just did for Disney, The Odd Life of Timothy Green ... and for the first ten minutes, I was just depressed! I was like, Is that really what I look like? Is that really my head?

Aww it's a lovely head, Joel. Be proud of your head!

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