Friday, October 29, 2010

The Clinic in 150 Words or Less

You can hear the pitch - It's Rosemary's Baby meets Hostel! With Inside and Martyrs sprinkled on top for modern flava! It wears these influences loudly upon the sleeves of its gored maternity dress, but the idea at The Clinic's core does get more intriguing as more is revealed, I will give it that.

If only the script had been gone over a couple more times to work out some of the kinks. As is there are a couple lapses in character judgment so irrevocably dumb that you they jerk you right out of the film. People behave in ways that only make sense to keep the plot moving far too often. But there is real tension in fits and starts to be had, and it's not afraid to forge its own curious path here and there, enough to keep you guessing now and then. Good, but coulda been great.



Griff said...

This looks good, and since I just saw Inside last night I was thinking this would make a good follow up. However I can't find it ANYWHERE. No NetFlix, No Torrents, No nothing...
Any idea about releasing?

Jason Adams said...

I'm glad you asked Liam! I was actually going to write something about that topic in my post but I hit 150 words perfectly and I'll always put a gimmick in front of being, ya know, helpful.

Aaaanyway I saw the movie at the Scary Movies fest here in NYC that just started. It's an Aussie film and I believe has already come out there for real? Either way I did find info that it's out on DVD in Australia in February. We'll probably hear something about a release of some sort for it here in the relatively soonish future but for right now it's still a question mark, I'm afraid.

It is def. one to see when you get the chance though. There is stuff in it that works well, even if it doesn't totally gel.

Glenn Dunks said...

As far as I am aware this never received a release outside of a film festival or two.