Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Which Is Hotter?


Naomi shoulda just watched Scent of a Woman
and avoided all that scary nonsense. Hoo-ah!

Anyway when you compare the images on the two cursed videotapes at the heart of the Japanese and the American versions of The Ring, you boil down to its essence why I prefer the original film over its remake. Watch, learn, masticate:

The cursed video from Ringu (1998):
. .

The cursed video from The Ring (2002):
. .

Way too many bells and whistles going off in Gore Verbinski's version as far as I'm concerned. (A giant centipede? Really?) I find the simpler Japanese one far creepier. But then, I've been loudly on Team Ringu for years now. What about y'all?



Oh and by the way, you're all gonna die in seven days
now for watching those videos. Ha ha ha, I win!


mad said...

watched it with my mom. we were both scared pantless:D nothing beats good old jap horror.

Simon said...

Well, damn.

Mike said...

Both clips have that "Mirror/Father/Mirror" quality to them; and they both have their moments. (The man, standing in the sea with his head covered in the Japanese clip; Samira's mother turning to look defiantly at the viewer in the American clip.) I don't think there's a Sophie's Choice here: they both get the job done.

This will probably showcase me as a boorish American, but I prefer the American version because I didn't have to read. Not that I don't love books; but in film, having to glance at the bottom of the screen continually to read what's being said keeps me from seeing what's actually happening on the screen -- or, at least, any tension that the film might be working to build is continually interrupted because my focus is now split.

If anything, I think the Japanese cursed clip is better than the whole of the Japanese film because the clip is telling the whole story and I can let those images wash over me. (Except that irritating image of all the Japanese characters crowding the paper. Not that the twin image in the American version of the writhing worms that become writhing people is any better.)

(My word verification? "imbsl" -- which seems pretty close to "imbecile" to me. Probably because I don't like reading subtitles...)

Glenn said...

Ringu is just so much better than The Ring in every.single.way. The remake is just... nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ringu--hands down.