Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Am Link

--- Poe Money, Poe Problems - Jeremy Renner is probably teaming up with Ewan McGregor for The Raven, a movie that will find Edgar Allan Poe solving a murder mystery or something. It's described by James "Ninja Assassin" McTeigue as, "like the poem, The Raven, itself, crossed with Se7en. It should be pretty cool." Should it, James? Well Jeremy and Ewan might go aways towards making it cool. Especially if they take off their tops.

Also, Renner might sign on for the lead in Peter Berg's adaptation of You Sunk My Battleship: The True Life Story of How Hollywood Killed Itself. Well... maybe he'll take off his top.

--- Sexy Beasts - The dude who wrote the terrific film Sexy Beast is gonna direct a movie called Night Flower - described as a "terrifying romantic thriller" - that will reunite him with Sexy Beast's terrific star Ray Winstone. Also in talks to join the cast and obviously the real reason I'm posting this news are Ben Whishaw and Andrew Garfield. Andrew Andrew everywhere!

--- Roger, Roger - I haven't read the long article-slash-interview in Esquire on Roger Ebert that appeared earlier this week but this is me reminding myself to get around to that. Also here's Roger responding to the piece at his own site.

--- Wright Stuff - I don't see Jeffrey Wright often enough - can he get all of Terrence Howard's roles, please? - so I'm happy to hear he's joined the cast of Source Code, Duncan "Moon" Jones' next flick that stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga (previous post). Because this is obviously a movie I will be seeing, and Wright's presence therein will bring me some joy. Not as much as Jake's will, natch, but it's nice to have pretty things surrounded by other pretty things. Pretty pretty.

--- Wiig Attack - Judd Apatow is reuniting with his Freaks & Geeks co-creator Paul Feig to make a movie with Kristen Wiig. Kapow! It's called Bridesmaids and Wiig wrote it and that's all I gotta know about that to buy my ticket.

--- New Wave Naked Ladies - Over at FourFour Rich has dug up another obscure gem/piece of trash, namely the 1985 stripper documentary creatively called Stripper, about dancing ladies that make their way across the country to a stripping competition. It's like The Wizard of Mickey-Mouse-hand-thongs (and that's the 2nd time this week The Wizard's entered my consciousness, weird.)

--- So So Lost - I don't think I'll be writing up any extensive recaps on Lost as it closes down this season, probably just erratic bits like the one earlier today, and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty cuz all the chat anybody could ever want is going on over at Sean T. Collins' place. Scan down (but beware spoilers) for lotsa Lost-a chatter.

--- Mister Mineo - Sal Mineo is not someone I'm familiar with, which is really weird, I know. I haven't seen Rebel Without a Cause which is blasphemy, I know, and right this second I'm realizing how much it is, and I'm gonna get on fixing that right now with much speed.I'm pretty sure I've never seen Mineo in anything.

So it's kinda with awe that I direct y'all over to StinykLulu's where an appreciation of the Mineo-starring 1965 film Who Killed Teddy Bear? has kinda rocked my world, Mineo-wise. I mean...

... see what I mean? So y'all help me make with a Mineo-thon. What ought I scavenge up right away? What is the Must Mineo?


dashdog said...

Hi, JA,
The Sal Mineo work-out pic is super hot; nice post! His role is "Rebel" really has all the homoerotic overtones with James Dean that you've read about. Just recently watched "Vera Drake" too. Downer, yes, but she was so good! I love Mike Leigh's movies. Two quick questions: did you see "Red Riding" in the theater or on demand? ('cause I think it would be something awesome on a big screen and I can't wait to watch all of 'em) Did you see "A Single Man?" Couldn't tell but hope you'll find it as affecting as I did. Anyway, always great posts that often makes my day (and I do steal time to check in on MNPP!) Thanks, Nick

Jason Adams said...

Imelda was awesome in VD, it's true. She's a delight.

I didn't see RR in either, Nick, I found a copy online a couple of months ago right after it aired in the UK, but just got around t watching it last week. I think it probably is a great in theater experience too, though. Such an attractively shot set of films.

I did see A Single Man, I reviewed it here. I liked it quite a bit. I've seen it twice now. I don't think it's perfect, it's got a lot of first-time-director issues of trying to hard. But it's gorgeous and Colin Firth is AMAZING.