Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quote of the Day

Man alive, I've just gotta give it up to Jarett over at PopWrap today. In his second interview (grumble) with Eli Roth (grumble grumble) he got him to talk about Michael Fassbender. Cue me overload. In the middle of a highly amusing story about an eye infection Eli got from boobs slapping him in the face on the set of Alex Aja's Piranha remake (seriously), comes this:

PopWrap: You should take that to Michael Fassbender -- "forget your hunger strike, I really suffered for my craft!"

Eli: Yes, I like to live dangerously, Jarett. Fassbender is the funniest. I'm so thrilled he's getting the attention he deserves. I think he's the Peter O'Toole of our generation, I don't know how he does it.

The whole interview reads like a check-list of Shit I Care About. The leg-shaving scene in Cabin Fever, Inglourious Basterds' Oscar chances...

Speaking of, anybody else thrilled by the whispering lately that it could actually have a shot at Best Picture? It's probably just empty conjecture and the race is really between Avatar and The Hurt Locker like everyone's been saying for ages now, but even though I think Basterds is sloppy (it didn't make my top 20 of 2009 while Avatar did) I'd probably do a crazy happy dance if it won best Picture because Quentin fuckin' Tarantino needs to have a film crowned Best Picture already. I mean, seriously. I know I've gotta take the bitter pill that is Harvey Weinstein along with such an accomplishment, but it's a cost I could stomach just this once for the director of Jackie Brown.

Anyway (my thoughts got away from me for a sec there) Eli Roth's a national treasure, and all y'all who think otherwise can cram it! He's been christened a can-do-it-all superstar by QT, after all...

"Quentin said, 'you may not want to switch careers, but now you have permission to write great parts for yourself and no one can give you s*** about it.' That's been the most freeing thing. Now I feel like I can do anything and I have Quentin to thank for it."

Ha ha ha so many people just shuddered at that quote. Haters.


Katie said...

Seriously there for a moment, I thought Garfield was your new love but on Fassbender (I love that guys name) will he be like O'Toole and never win an oscar?
But props to Eli Roth though I will never forgive him Hostel 2

Tracy said...

Eli has a SAG award now; in the face of that, it would be hard for him to insist that he's not an actor, even if he was hardly the reason why the ensemble won. In his position, I'd be seeing all kinds of doors opening.