Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Great Morning, World

I was just wondering what was up with this yesterday! I saw pictures of Kellan Lutz skiing in some giant ski clothes and I was all, "Who the hell wants to stare at Kellan in all those clothes?" But then there was a shot of him smiling that amazing smile of his and I was all, "Oh right, he's got a good face too. Asshole." (Welcome to the inside of my brain, people. Use coasters please.) Anyway now here it is, our first shot of Kellan's undies campaign for Calvin Klein. (via)

There are three other dudes in the campaign apparently, True Blood's "Mehcad Brooks, tennis player Fernando Verdaso, and Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata" - check out Towleroad for a medium-sized shot of them. I've had a crush on Nakata forever now too so this brings me extra joy. I still hate "Eggs" though. Ugh. He ruins everything.


Joe Reid said...

Ain't nothin' wrong with Fernando Verdasco either, damn.

Julia said...

What Joe said.