Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Leave it to me to celebrate Christmas with the year's most prominent movie Jew. But I figured I'd been promising it for weeks and if I were to find swarthy Eli Roth in his wife-beater under my Christmas tree tomorrow, I'd be having a happy Xmas morning. Hell, break out the Hannakuh candles, then I could get him eight times in a row. If religion were a good way to get laid I'd renounce my atheism at once! I guess you gotta become a priest for that to be true though. Boo yeah! How many blasphemies can I get out in one post anyway? Goddamn. There's one more.

Anyway I love how much of this scene is just a shot-reverse shot stare-down between the two fellows (with a little Brad side-action) in wide to medium shot. Its like a dance, a romance. QT's classic film-making skills showing off again. It's just such an attractive bit of violence. The fetid leaves, the crumbling brick. The way you can almost smell Eli's... muskiness. Mmmhmm. I could, and doubtlessly will, watch it over and over and over again.

Merry whatever, y'all.
And to all a good death scene!

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mac20 said...

Eli's muskiness must be one of the Odorama Bonus Extras. What other scratch-and-sniff cards are included with your DVD?

Anonymous said...

I purchased the Blu-Ray...I can't wait to celebrate Christmas by watching the movie for the first time.

Jason Adams said...

mac, hmm let me see... the smell of nitrate film on fire, Archie Hillcox's aged scotch, the plaster on Bridget von Hammersmarck's high-heeled cast... and Crème fraîche, of course!

Dale said...

I saw The Devil's Backbone for the first time last night, and oh my God, Jacinto basically looked like someone had taken the Bear Jew out of this scene and dropped him into that movie.

Bea said...

God, I find Eli Roth SO shamefully hot. Yay for the Bear Jew!