Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Headless Woman in 150 Words or Less

Amazing. Just incredible. The ability to conjure up a confusion, a sheer mindless panic, through the way scenes bleed or slide into one another, the way we're given no anchor to settle us from moment to moment. We don't know who is who, where is where, when is when, none of it makes sense, yet who can look away?

I love this bit from this review:

"Take it as a mood piece. The mood is dread"

The dead are in the room with us. They might be the shadow, out of focus, in the corner. They smile, they leave, only the squeak of their sneakers a clue. The car tilts in an off-putting direction - everyone's being run down at once.

A great haunting film. Also, beautiful. Some pics:



Tomi said...

loved it too!
a film few people understood, I dont know if that's something bad or good. but I think it could work as a compliment in this case. Like the protagonist in this movie, to take full responsibility of what you see or do is not an easy task. To turn around and pretend nothing happened is part of the human nature. :(

btw, I just saw Maria Onetto (the main actress of the film) yesterday in the subway, a few steps from me, on my way back home in Buenos Aires. :)

Anonymous said...

zomigods! I just watched that too!

Loved it, beautiful and disturbing film. The recurring use of water and the way she played with her hair, stroked her neck, the way she became less verbal as the film went on, brilliant stuff.

It says a millionty things about people just. not. listening. to. womenguiltaccountabilitydeathstuffanything. A real thinker.