Friday, November 13, 2009

Which Is Hotter?


I am not embarrassed to admit that I felt those familiar loin-based stirrings when confronted with both of these characters. It's been years since I've seen AMSD but I remember Tucci pretty vividly in it, even if the internet is failing me in finding pictures of his turn therein. Same goes for Mr. McAvoy, and obviously the world felt the same since his career took off once he skipped around in those sexy furry ears and goat-legs.

But now comes the time when we must choose!
Who rocked the goat-man harder?



J.D. said...

One of these men is my husband. One is not (but is still pretty sexy).


Jon said...

It's like a "Sophie's Choice" here! I voted for McAvoy by a (goat)hair, but Tucci is damn fine as well.