Friday, November 13, 2009

I Don't Think I'm Finding Anything...


... more tiresome right now than this whole "Roland Emmerich's 2012 is exploiting tragedy! It's ruthless mayhem! It's murdering the entire world without a care!" meme that's going around.

You won't often hear me reduce things to this basic fact since so much of how I spend my time is based around loving and studying and enveloping myself in film, but here's the deal, spazzes:

It's a fucking movie.

It is not dangerous. No one actually died on the screen, and no one looking at the screen thinks anyone on the screen really died. Unless the person looking at the screen is a crazy person, and something tells me they were crazy before they looked at the screen.

No one is going to run out of 2012 and think to themselves, "Well golly, I thought 9/11 was bad, but I guess not! Them terrorists never had nothing on the real deal there!"

I mean, good fucking grief.

Calling out a two-hour disaster movie for hitting the buttons in the human psyche of awe and and horror and wonder in the face of tragedy and horror and awesome sights is like punching a kitten in the face for being cute. And? What precisely is your point?

It's the same bullshit that's aimed at horror films for exploiting baser human emotions. Get back to me when you've gone out into the world and scrubbed the human psyche itself clean of all of our baser emotions and made this the lollipop and gumdrop world we all fantasize about it being. For right now though, I got shit on my mind and this movie promises to help let off some fucking steam. With pixels and complete nonsense that doesn't hurt anybody, except maybe our collective IQ's a little bit, oh and apparently it steps on some people's self-righteous toes.

Next movie, Roland Emmerich: blow up some fucking toes.
Big ones! Huge ones! Blow 'em the fuck up!


Anonymous said...

I disagree with your position and find you insulting and offensive. Go get your jollies watching innocent people die by the millions. I'll be back here, in heaven.

Jason Adams said...

This movie made me figure out how to blow up the whole world so I did it! Gateway drug to nihilism! Kills brains cells and young adult responsibility!

Anonymous said...

Why do you enjoy watching the human race die?! I mean, for me it is just that people have so let me down, I would welcome it What is your excuse?! ;)