Monday, November 30, 2009

2012 in 150 Words or Less

That was the longest, most massively-budgeted CG-onslaught of a commercial for Pull-Ups that I have ever seen. A big step up from this, that's for sure:

Justify Full
I guess the tidal waves represented the end-result of an untrained bladder? And the arks were the Pull-Ups themselves? And the shifting tectonic plates and neutrinos were all those forces, parental, stress, what have you, that lead the poor child to pissing themselves. The Earth is a bed-wetter. Man, Roland Emmerich is deep.


Joe Reid said...

Pull-Ups and Bentleys! Don't go to the apocalypse without them!

Jason Adams said...

The product placement in the film was astounding all the way through (that wall of Chunky soup behind Amanda Peet in the grocery store!), but I couldn't believe that the final line, the FINAL WORDS OF THE FILM, were about Pull-Ups. That's gotta be a first, no? it really did make the entire movie seem like an ad.

All this said, I thought the special effects were some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful ones I've ever seen projected onto a screen. Awesome in both the frat-boy sense and the more literal overcome-with-awe sense.