Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Little Mule, Pepe

Okay, raise your (cyber) hands if you knew that the director Alfonso Arau (Like Water For Chocolate) was also the same fellow who played Juan, the Joan Wilder-loving drug king-pin in Romancing the Stone?

I was looking up information on Dare to Love Me, that bio-pic he's directing that's set to star both Raoul Bova and Thomas Kretschmann (meaning it's also set to scorch my eyeballs blind) and saw this random, weird information which I'd somehow never known. Weird! I loved him in that movie. So happy and ridiculous.

And as long as I'm sort of on the subject,
here's some Raoul Bova to look at:

I'm kind of dumbfounded that I hadn't posted any of these pictures before. Instead I just kept posting this one over and over... not that there's anything wrong with that picture. I certainly like that picture a whole lot. A whole lot. But when it comes to Raoul Bova, there's a whole heckuva lot of love towards visuals to spread around.

And can somebody tell me why this guy's career here in the US has gone nowhere? He romances Diane Lane, does an Alien vs. Predator movie - where he was swathed in enormous coats the entire time, ugh - and then a short-lived TV series, then nothing... he keeps working in Italy of course, but I need him here dammit. Dammit!


Jwise said...

that yawning pic is killing me

John said...

I was thinking the same thing...nice, very nice.

J.D. said...


Alejandra said...

The last time you posted about this there was no summary at imdb.
I´ve read it, and it seems that Thomas K. will play Mariano Hermoso (a real name), a theatre owner and producer and the ex-boyfriend of Lepera !!!

Jason Adams said...

I noticed that there were names attached to them now, Alejandra, and I meant to go back and check that last post and see who was who, but didn't. So thanks for that. They have to give us something between those two! Have to!!! I mean, even just a lingering stare will set my face on fire.

Alejandra said...

Sure they have!
That will be fun!
And I can tell who´s who:
* Bouva (brazilian), plays the singer, Gardel (who was french)
* Camill (mexican) plays the poet LePera (italo-brazilian)
* T. Kretschmann (german) plays the producer Mariano Hermoso (spanish).
And by the way, the summary is hilarious, it goes with the official story that Gardel had a bullet in his lung (no way, he was a singer!). The unofficial story (told by his friends) says that the bullet was actually in a bone near his ass. He was running away from the other boyfriend of some random hook-up.

And the references to the jumping from one prostitute to the oter is the most ridiculous fake-bio stuff i´ve read since Arau´s "Zapata"