Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It Takes A Real Man To Wear Ruffles


I was just going through some screen-caps from the film The Duchess at Dominic Cooper's fan-site - don't judge me; what, am I supposed to actually sit down and watch the movie? I know that Cooper and co-star Ralph Fiennes don't get horizontal so why would I bother? - and thought that the following two pictures from what appears to be a rather tepid sex scene between Cooper and Keira Knightley were kind of funny out of context.

It looks like he's backing away in horror from some enormous-haired she-demon trying to pick his bones clean with her witch's teeth. Not sexy! Run, Dom, run!!!

Still, if you edit her out of the equation,
he's looking fine as always...



shaun said...

I'd like to be that haggard old swamp beast right about then!

Anonymous said...

"The Duchess" is a good movie. Give it a chance.

I thought that Dominic Cooper was Craig Horner from "Legend of the Seeker.