Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What Wackiness Will Indubitably Ensue


Fringe is back tonight, everybody! Over the several-month-hiatus my heart has only grown fonder. I think seeing the cast at ComiCon helped - they were all so damned funny and enthusiastic there, my heart swelled with affection, and it hasn't gone down.

So what craziness do you think they've got in store? Will Anna Torv keep working that chilly reserve that's turned off some of my friends but that I adore in her? Is the awesometastic Ari Graynor coming back? Will John Noble keep giving the funniest performance on TV? Will I keep developing an unexpected and I-feel-really-weird-about-it crush on Pacey? Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

I have never felt weird about my crush on Pacey

TheoSav said...

I thought the new episode was awesome and I too think Josh Jackson is dreamy!

TheoSav said...

Oh and did I mention that the episode was great?

Karen said...

The new episode was quite intriguing! I hope they give Astrid an interesting storyline outside the lab.