Friday, March 27, 2009

Molly Had The Right Damned Idea


I hear ya, sexy girlfriend. I'd be dancing whooping peeing-my-pants in the street if Jake Ryan came sauntering my way with a smile on his face and whisked me away to wish-making birthday-cake make-outs. Ahh!

Anyway, the world needs a one-stop-shop to fulfill all their Michael Schoeffling needs, right? I hope that someday this can be that place. Or at least this link right here can be that place. So here are a bunch of stills of him in his forever-defining role, Jake Ryan, aka the name that that's birthed a billion squeals, in Sixteen Candles. It's a nice way to spend a Friday, looking at these, I'd wager. I've certainly enjoyed it.

You know that part in Rear Window where we're introduced to Grace Kelly by having her face appear out of the blackness, coming straight towards the camera as if she's going to kiss us all? I've made mention of that moment before because it takes my breath away every time. Well so does this next moment in much the same way:

Jake Ryan coming to my doorstep! Eee!!!

Jake Ryan waving at me! Eee!!!



Anonymous said...

I named my son after him. Could you blame me?

Jason Adams said...

Michael, or Jake Ryan?

And no, I cannot. I named my penis after him. Well I just did, right now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

First I think perfect, then I think dirty waist length gray Indian braid and throw up a little in my mouth. we'll always have Vision Quest

Karen said...

Classic '80s flick!