Friday, March 27, 2009

Also A Good Way To Spend Your Friday

Watching Ashton Kutcher get his chest waxed accomplishes two things - I get to see him without his shirt on, and I get to see someone cause him pain. Seeing as how I always feel guilty about my continued attraction to him... well this is a combination that suits me just fine. (via, thanks to Joe)




Joe Reid said...

Things I love about this clip:

1) Ashton being all pissy about getting his chest waxed and eschewing the furry-chested lifestyle when he has, like, seven chest hairs to begin with.

2) Ashton being under the impression that none of us have seen The 40-Year Old Virgin.

John said...

I haven't seen The 40 year old virgin! Whatever anyone says about Ashton I still think he's cute. Damn Demi! j/k