Monday, March 30, 2009

I Am Link

--- 'Busters Jr. - Harold Ramis has confirmed that if Ghostbusters 3 does happen - and it looks more likely every day - that it'll be a bit of baton-passing with the original crew mentoring a younger crew of Ghost-Busters to take over. Does Seth Rogen already have a part? I feel like Seth Rogen already has a part.

--- All The Way - FOX has basically confirmed that Dollhouse will run through all of its episodes and finish its season by laying out the air-dates for them. So at least we'll have what I presume is a self-contained something. Ratings don't really indicate much of a chance for a something more - aka a second season - though (I've decided to keep on the side of pessimism here). But what's weird is, I haven't been worrying about the show getting pulled before they get this run through, even despite the low ratings. I've been having faith that it'd make it through. Weird, that, me having faith, but there it is. Huh.

--- Much to love in Nat's ode to Willem Dafoe's traveling buttocks. Those things have been everywhere! But honestly, he's such an underrated actor, so it's nice to see him given some appreciation.

--- 'Too Faggy' Strikes Again - Sasha Baron Cohen's Bruno has been slapped with an NC-17 rating, probably because it's got the gay stuff in it. Am I being deliberately obtuse? Yes, but it's the general truth so I'm sticking to it.

--- My Three Billionth Excuse - My weekend got too crowded and I didn't get around to watch Fulci's The Beyond, which is today's entry in Final Girl's Film Club. I suck destroyed eyeballs! (It is Fulci, after all) Anyway, check out all the entries over at Final Girl headquarters. I really might watch the movie tonight though, so perhaps I'll have something up tomorrow.

--- And finally, go wish Warren Beatty a happy birthday at The Film Experience.



Stacie Ponder said...

Watch it watch it watch it! Even if you don't write anything, it;s still worth it. It's such a fun movie!!

Jason Adams said...

Okay, you convinced me! I haven't read your post (or any of the others) yet because I didn't want to know all the good bits going in, but I will watch it tonight so I can know its glory.

Jim said...

All the actors have said Ghostbusters the game is basically Ghostbusters 3. All the original actors are in it except Miss Weaver. She wanted to make sure the game was good before she added her voice and missed the boat.

Time to get a PS3 JA