Monday, March 30, 2009

The Greatest Movie...

... to turn an entire audience of women, men,
babies, chairs, seat cushions and popcorn buckets
into a cooing mass of undulating, eyeball-bulging goo?

I Love You, Man (2009)

Seriously, why did it take Hollywood so long to realize that Paul Rudd should be a leading man? I'd say maybe he didn't want these types of roles but he's done enough of them through his career to argue that's not entirely true. But fourteen years after Clueless (ed. - oh my god it's been fourteen years since Clueless) here he is proving that "incest-romance that set the world's hearts aflutter" was no incest-fluke.

I mean... did anyone else go and see this film with a large audience and find the audience swept away in the way that the audience I saw this movie with was? Women were practically laying eggs with little Paul Rudd faces drawn on them in the aisles. We swooned, we swayed, we all ovulated a whole bunch.

This film was straight-up Paul Rudd porn. Just minus the, ya know, sex part. But I swear, when he stood there sadly with that tray filled with root-beer floats (with chocolate straws!), I think he spontaneously impregnated us all with his adorable-seed. One day Paul Rudd will rule the world with a cuddly fist, and I welcome that day gladly.


Taffy said...

If you really want Paul Rudd to dampen up your panties, rent "I Could Never Be Your Woman" with Michelle Pfeiffer. I dare you not to drop your pants after the dance he does when he take MP on a date!

dashdog said...

You know in "Knocked Up" when Paul Rudd takes mushrooms with Seth Rogen and they go to Las Vegas? After the Cirque show freakout, they go back to their room where Rudd takes his cuddly fist and puts it nearly all the way in his mouth. Who wouldn't want to be that fist. Screen grab that!

ScottE. said...

Well said. I certainly started ovulating many times during the movie.

Karen said...

He was so cute in Clueless, haven't seen this one yet but I will.