Monday, March 30, 2009

Three Bits Of Good Monday Gratuity

Well this is a pleasant enough way to begin a week, I'd say. Everywhere I look I'm seeing beefcake. Beefcake!!! Of course, it's not like I'm looking at Ladies Home Journal and finding beefcake; the places I am looking do tend to cater to their core-beefcake-constituency. Anyway...

--- Towleroad has the story of the French pole smoker vaulter Romain Mesnil, who went running through the streets of Paris naked over the weekend in order to advertise himself for potential sponsorships. Hey Romain, I got 20 bucks right here, I will sponsor you! You can watch the video (unfortunately, worthlessly, censored) over at Towleroad. Mostly I just wanted to swipe this picture, because it's a thing of beauty:

--- So goes my relationship towards Ashton Kutcher that I haven't even bothered to check what upcoming movie these pictures of him are from the set of... I don't care enough to watch his flicks, but I will ogle him as long as he keeps taking his kit off. (via)

--- And finally, a lil' Keanu brightens any day. (via)



Stacie Ponder said...

Yesterday I went from your blog to Dlisted, and he had one of those Ashton pics usual he started talking about peen holes and the such, and for a second I'd forgotten I'd left MNPP and my mind was blown by your sudden...well, use of "peen hole"!

Jason Adams said...

Ha! There is a real drought of the words "peen hole" here at MNPP, isn't there? Perhaps I'll have to work on introducing the phrase into my every-day verbiage... nah, I'll leave the peen-holes to Michael K., he's the specialist. ;-)