Friday, March 20, 2009


Can you guys even believe it's here? My mind is... unable to process it. All the answers we've been waiting for, all the endings for these characters we've come to love and hate and empathize like a motherfucker with... it's here. Tonight. The end.



Stacie Ponder said...

I'm preparing myself to weep like an itty bitty baby. I will feel no shame!

But seriously, how could Ron Moore not realize that fans would focus so intently on Daniel and Starbuck? She's been a mystery for over a season, now, and then suddenly there's a never-before mentioned cylon who seems to tie into her story so closely...I mean, DOY DOY, Ron Moore!

While it's good the show is ending before it sucks, I wish it would never end.

Jason Adams said...

I should've brought a flask with me here to work so I could get an early start. I GOTTA BE DRUNK NOW. I am so freaked out just about what's gonna go down with my beloved Laura Roslin I might faint.

Word on Moore shoulda known it'd happen. He's had five years of us geeks doing just this! And he throws a name out suddenly for the missing cylon and we're supposed to NOT spazz out?