Friday, March 20, 2009

Speaking of the BSG...

... (and I'll probably do a lot of speaking of BSG today, I imagine)... AICN quotes this bit from someone at TV Guide who saw the BSG finale:

""The first hour-and-a-half of the finale is so intense, you'll find it difficult to breathe. So many questions will be answered — including some you probably thought wouldn't be addressed due to time constraints.""

But... why only the first hour and a half, I ask myself...?

then goes on to list way more questions that we still have open than I ever would've remembered so check it out if you need a refresher.

Most importantly I think, going into tonight's episode is to know this fact (and I guess it's kind of a spoiler, in that it tells us what WON'T be seen tonight):

"Around the 34-minute mark of the podcast for “Islanded in a Stream of Stars,” [ed. - that was the episode the other week with Starbuck on the piano] Ron Moore says Cylon model seven, Daniel, is not Kara Thrace’s daddy – nor does Daniel have any role in the series beyond explaining why there didn’t seem to be a seventh model."

There's also a brief interview with Ron Moore at io9 today that underlines that fact (he thinks the fans focusing on the identity of Daniel will go down as one of his show's "fiascos" actually; yikes). So don't be on the look-out for that stuff tonight; that'll only lead to disappointment!

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