Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bio-Port Play: A Conversation Between 3 People In Cronenberg's eXistenZ That I Don't Think Is Really About What They're Pretending It Is About


Gas (Willem Dafoe): See? That didn't hurt.

Pikul (Jude Law): I didn't expect that to hurt.
I expect the next part to hurt.

Pikul: Yeah, that's the part I expect to hurt.

Gas: I haven't crippled anyone yet.

Pikul: How many have you done?

Gas: Three. Well, you'll be my third.

Gas: Hey! Easy!
People usually pay me to do this, you know.

Pikul (to Allegra): As you can see, I've decided not
to have a bio-port installed.

Allegra (Jennifer Jason Leigh): This is what keeps you trapped
in a cage of your own making, which keeps you trapped
and pacing about. Break out of your cage, Pikul. Break out now.

Cut to:

The subtitles read:



Allegra: The swelling doesn't last for long.

Pikul: What's going on? I can't... I can't move my legs!



J.D. said...

Something's telling me I should see that movie.

Joe Reid said...

Something tells me I should see that movie again. I really rather liked it and it's been a while.

Anonymous said...

Existenz is one of the funniest comedies I have seen. I know that my loud laughter in the theater ruined a few hard core Cronenberg fan's extra sexy experience


J.D. it's so weird. I love Cronenberg and even I am not sure about that one.

homeslaughter... laughter in the theater is such a weird thing. My friend and I laughed a lot at Mulholland Dr (awesomeness) but it seemed like everyone else in the theater thought the entire movie should be met with only walk outs, deathly quiet, and occasional 'what the hell's

but that movie has totally funny bits!

Pole said...

eXistenZ is one of my favorite movies.. It's a shame it's not more recognized. I think I need to rewatch it. This scene I haven't thought so much about but the scene where Pikul licks Allegra's bioport is stuck in my mind forever..