Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Look Who's Coming To Get You In 7 Days!

Next Tuesday, March 10th,
both arrive on DVD. Those being -

Synechdoche, New York & Let the Right One In

- of course. What a glorious day!
Everybody call in sick and we'll stay home and get happy
watching other people's miseries together! Yay!

Seriously though, I'm trying to figure out what advice Caden Cotard of Synecdoche would want to give to Oskar of Let the Right One In, and vice versa. I imagine they would both warn against hanging out with big-eyed moody women.



J.D. said...

Well, MY #1 comes out next Tuesday too. And it's the day after my birthday! So yay.

Jason Adams said...

I'm assuming you mean Milk, JD?

Or possibly Rachel Getting Married.

Or Happy-Go-Lucky.

Or maybe you meant Girls Gone Wild: Best of Horny School Girls?

It really is crazy all that comes out on DVD next week.

J.D. said...

Yes, I meant Milk (which I also saw again tonight to help it's gross!). Though between all the films that come out next week I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people can say their #1 does as well. Which is AWESOME in itself.

And wouldn't GGW count as 2009 since it's D-T-V? Anyway, I am SO excited for that. Horny school girls are the best! *rolls eyes*