Thursday, September 04, 2008

Quote of the Day

Well, it's happened. Every election cycle there comes a moment when I become obsessed. I try to withstand the tide as long as I can every time. But the time has come. I watched Obama's speech last week and, while it was a given I'd vote for him once he got the nomination, I feel better about it after listening to that speech than I did before. And now, with last night's ridiculous display of venomous hot air, I've spent all day today soaking myself in political discourse. I am lost until November, it seems... you can probably expect the political posts to turn up a notch (from their relative state of extinction)... anyway, point - this is the funniest thing I've read all day with regards to That Woman:

"In Alaska, “Hockey Mom” is code for “Arctic Meth Princess.”"

It comes via this story at Wonkette, about how That Woman's quaint idyllic small town she was the mayor for is the Meth capitol of Alaska. Of course it is.

But seriously, I've been dumbfounded all day at the punditry spin that That Woman's speech last night was anything but a sloppy, screeching bag of shit. I mean, did I take Crazy Pills? She said NOTHING of any substance whatsoever. She introduced us to her family one by one by one - even though they're off-limits! - and then barked off a bit of nonsense here and there that Rush Limbaugh would find substance-less. And she's a "star" now? Huh? Come again?

Oh golly. See, I gone and got all worked up. Been like this all day. Must breath, watch a stupid movie tonight, recuperate. Certainly no reason to watch Methuselah amble out on stage and spit up nonsense and bone-dust while the "special needs" baby is passed back and forth like a prop again.


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FDot said...

Thank God. I can't believe that some people actually found all the vitriol she spewed to have some merit to it.

I found McCain's speech to be insufferable also. Didn't say too much of substance, and while I certainly applaud his military service and courage (Lord knows I could never do that), I don't believe that spending 5 years living out Missing in Action qualifies one to be POTUS. As if only a POW somehow has the courage to run the country.

Adam said...

Using her own handicapped child as a prop, that truly was the most repulsive bit. I get they're tying to market her, but ugh... Then again I guess Republicans know very little about decorum.

Glenn Dunks said...

Ja, please don't become one of those blogs that talks about the election all the time. Leave it to the pros, I beg of you.

Jason Adams said...

Glenn, it won't be too often, but I will here and there. It's gonna be on my mind a lot. Just skip these posts! ;-)

fdot - I didn't bother watching McCain's speech. I'd had enough with Palin, and figured I could just get the gist from the blogs today. Sounds like he sucked hardcore. Surprising, that.

Pax Romano said...

She's a Republican Karen Walker!

Only in America can a second rate model aspire to become a second rate politician and then find herself in running for Vice Presidency.

It's as foolish as thinking that a second rate actor can become one of the most popular presidents of all ti... err, never mind.