Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pics of the Day

ETA Wow, it always makes me feel so self-important when I get a copyright infringement notice. Apparently I wasn't allowed to post the three images from Ft13th that I did. They really were "leaked"! And even though anyone who might give a crap has seen them already, I must take them down. Hooey. Whatev. Remind me to find a torrent of their movie when it comes out, eh?

Love, All the Fans

Three new shots of Jason Voorhees from Marcus Nispel's reinterpretimagineineering of Friday the 13th have "leaked" online:


That shot of Jason swinging the axe is fierce. All that's missing is he needs to smile with his eyes a little more. (via)

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Pax Romano said...

Meet the New Jason, same as the Old Jason ...