Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


If you know this movie well enough, you might be able to notice that I sorta skimped there towards the end, picture-wise... even watching this scene out-of-context, years since I've sat through the movie straight-through, well... it was too tough taking some of those screen-grabs. I actually started tearing up all over again. But death can't always be fun, ya know! I know, it's hard to buy that, but it's true.

Thankfully, as horrible and upsetting as this sequence is - oh and it is - the presence of the great (and underrated) Siobhan Fallon as "Brenda the Friendly Prison Guard" gives me an out. Because whenever I see her, I think of her hysterical role in Men in Black; specifically, of the way she says the line, "It was like he was wearin' an Edgar suit." She says "Edgar" like "Egger," ha ha. So I laugh about that. And then I think about her turn as a CC Bloom impersonator in the Funny Games remake last year, and I laugh about that, too. Ha ha ha. So much to laugh about. Sigh.

Poor Bjork. Not only did Lars von Trier make her never want to act again (unless she's having skinning-myself sexy-times with her real-life lover, apparently), but the Oscars didn't nominate her for her brilliant acting work in this film (the second best performance of 2000, after my Ellen of course, although a push-up bra won the statue) and then she wore The Single Greatest Dress Ever Worn To The Oscars Ever and she still gets shit for it for the rest of time. I mean, does no one in this stupid boring world have a sense of humor? SHE HAD A GIANT EGG FOR A PURSE. I love her so. You rock on with your crazy ass, wonderful lady.

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J.D. said...

*completely breaks down, fetal position and all*

Anonymous said...



which I have been meaning to see for AGES but haven't got around to yet! thanks. thanks a lot.

oh, and thanks for the spoiler alert too.

Glenn said...

The movie is
a) from 2000
b) from Lars Von Trier

If you haven't seen it now then that's too bad. And, yeah, it's Lars Von Trier. You had to know it wasn't gonna end happily.


So sad. It's making me teary just thinking about it. But, I wish Siobhan Fallon was in more stuff. I really like her for some reason.

Glenn said...

Okay, I've decided you must be joking and I just didn't get it because the series Ways Not To Die so... yeah... spoilers are default.

I hope you were only joking. Right? Tell me I'm right.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I wasn't joking.

I guess it was partly my fault, because I didn't really think it through before scrolling through all the pictures.

I'll probably still see the film, I'm just a bit disappointed that I now know what happens.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've never seen the ending to this. My English teacher had us watch it in class, only we started it about three seperate times for some reason and never got past the point where her friend is visiting her in prison. Although he did tell us what happened, so it's not a spoiler or anything. I think she was singing while this happened, right? That scene must be terrible to watch. It's hard even seeing that one little picture at the end.