Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, PTA!

A very happy 38th birthday going out to possibly maybe my favorite living filmmaker, Mr. Paul to the Thomas to the Anderson. Y'all know how hard list-making is for me, so saying for sure 100% that PTA beats Michael Haneke or Park Chan-wook gives me a rash... but those three form an international super-trio that tie for first, how's that?

Anyway, PTA made the greatest movie of 2007, in my humble opinion, and before that he made the greatest movie of 2002, and before that he made the greatest movie of 1999 (okay, '99 was a tough year, Magnolia's one of the greatest movies of '99)... and so on. One thing you might note in that last sentence? Bastard doesn't work nearly often enough. Which, okay, if he keeps coming roaring back at us with a masterpiece like There Will Be Blood every five years, I suppose complaining isn't very becoming of me. But still... MORE! Gimme more, ya selfish bastard!

Ahem. Happy birthday, PTA! If I were you, I'd be forcing Maya to perform as Donatella or Whitney Houston all day long as my gift, cuz awesome!


scroggins said...

Jeeah. Jeeah. Jeeeeeeeah ah ah ah yeeeeah. booya booya! I said Get her LIQUORED UP and take her to the Peachtree Dance!! We should have a pizza party.

scroggins said...

Sorry. I love Paul Thomas Anderson, especially his last two.

I'd rank 'em like this:

2. P-D L
3. H8
4. Boogie
5. Frogs!! I do love those frogs. Not so much the Aimee Mann.