Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Greatest Movie...

... in which, on the very grounds that the haunted house sits where our drunken, partying teenagers are all partying at that very moment, there was once a deranged Indian, and...

"He was squatting in a teepee
made of his squaw's intestines
chewing on the leg of his papoose."

Night of the Demons (1988)

Tonight's a special night of evil!!!

Man this movie was a hoot! How did I go this long without ever seeing this sucker? First off, that squaw-intestine-teepee is the single greatest throw-away back-story for the evil to come EVER. I mean, the actor delivering it just butchers the line in the greatest way, and it comes out of nowhere, and never amounts to anything. Like so much in this delightfully awful - yet still creepy at the same time! - movie. A true 80's B-movie horror classic. Mucho gracias to Stacie Ponder for once again pointing me in the direction of wonderfulness (I really owe you a fruit-cake, Stacie!). Here's just a hint of its fabulousness:

And that's not even touching the scene with... the lipstick... shudder... or the five-minute 80s Goth interpretive dance scene! Fabulous!


FDot said...

I've always enjoyed Kevin Tenney as a director. His films aren't classics, but they're a fun way to pass a night. Witchboard and Witchtrap are his other 80's films worth a shot. Witchboard

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the huge cardboard stand-up my local video store had for this movie: "Angela's having a party...Freddy and Jason were too scared to come...," or something to that effect. I was anxious to see if this would hold up after several years, so I quickly snatched up a the dvd a couple of years ago...yep, still a good bit of fun to be had!