Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Add another one to the growing list of "Traumatized JA as a child" moments.

Although I'm fairly certain that this lady isn't actually killed by this robot-ening she undergoes here, since we see her (And her roots! Get a touch-up, lady!) moving around under the rubble of the exploded evil super-computer (Yes, evil super-computer. What do you mean this movie sucks?) once Superman saves the day:

But I'm counting this as a death scene anyway. Why? Because it's my blog! And look at those... those eyes! Those are dead eyes. Dead eyes that haunted little JA's nightmares for weeks after seeing this movie. Shudder.

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Adam Ross said...

God, this scene scared the hell out of me as a kid. And in the mid-80s you could still get away with the whole "we can never totally trust computers, they're capable of anything!" concept. Her eyes are scary, but her hair is quite creepy, too.

zooplah said...

Oh, I love that movie. That scene never bothered me, but it totally freaked out my brother.

Seeing_I said...

Oh, hell no. This scene really disturbed me. I was 11 - just old enough to get the profound creepiness and just young enough to not notice the profound crappiness. "Don't call me 'man.'"