Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Crazy For Feeling So Crazy

In yet another shame-soaked example of "put an attractive fellow under the gore waterfall and I'll come a'runnin'," we have the following stills from some terrible looking movie called Insanitarium, which stars that slowly-being-forgotten Desperate Housewives gardener Jesse Metcalfe, who appears to have reached the "starring in shitty low-budget direct-to-DVD horror movies" phase of his career.

I swear, that first picture... it's nearly on par with that picture of Jessica Alba screaming into her oven from that horror-remake The Eye in its badness. Metcalfe's floppy wig is the real trump-card d'terrible, nearly outshining his attempt at emoting.

Lucky for me, this movie comes out on my birthday! Screw a party, I'm just going to camp outside of the DVD store so I can run in and grab the very first copy, and then go home and watch this over and over all day long. My present to myself is unbridled insanity!

Man this post is all sorts of extra-bitchy, innit? Four days without a cigarette and counting... sigh...

Anyway, let's try and remember Mr. Metcalfe in cleaner, less difficult times, when the only acting involved was the pretty boy posturing that comes so naturally to this preening primadonna:


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