Friday, March 14, 2008

Gratuitous Never Back Down Boys (and Man)

Today's subjects for Weekend Greetings Gratuitousness are a little obvious of a choice... the pretty-boy brawlers of a teenybopper boxing movie? Sure. What can I say... sometimes obviousness has it's perks though. Like I never thought I'd have any justifiable excuse to post pictures of Sean Faris (and I do wonder if the opportunity will ever present itself again). But for now, here it is! And I'd be remiss to not seize the day. First up then, Mr. Faris.

Next we have his co-star, Cam Gigandet, who I'm told was responsible for ridding the world of that bubonic plague unto herself, Marissa Cooper. Yay! Pics of Cam were a little tougher to come by; pickin's a lil' slim so far.

Oh and lest we forget, there's an actual Man in this movie - Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou's... well, Djimon's getting a paycheck here.



Anonymous said...

The blond guy is very toned and thin. His waist is so narrow, I could never be like that lol
Why do black men always have the best bodies ? Not fair !

Joe Reid said...

I always said that about James Earl Jones.

John said...

I saw these ads a few weeks ago on LOGO. Looks like a younger hot version of Fight Club. Nothing bt sexy shirtless guys beating each other up.

Anonymous said...

Sean Faris sure is pretty.

zooplah said...

Hmm, another post to be ambivalent: hot guys (except for that one bony one) to stare at, but at the same time makes me depressed about my body and mad at my genes.