Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Potter People


Looks like we might have some casting news on the Harry Potter front (thanks to John T for the heads-up!) - from ONTD:

"Stuart Townsend, Joseph Fiennes and Naomi Watts are the latest addition to the 6th Harry Potter movie "Half-Blood Prince"."

And... that's it? It's all I can find. No word on who they're playing... the site they credit says exactly the same thing, but with no source. (ETA John gave me this link, which has a wee bit more info but still could be speculative. I suppose we shall find out soon...)

It's generally accepted that Watts is up for Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mom (and she's a fantastic choice), and it stands to reason that Joseph Fiennes will be playing one of Tom "Voldemort" Riddle's relatives - since Voldy's played by Ralph Fiennes, Joseph's brother - in the numerous flashbacks in Half-Blood Prince, presumably his father...?

As for Mr. Townsend, the only characters I can think of are Rufus Scrimgeour or Fenrir Greyback, and I don't really have him pictured for either of them. Ideas?


John T said...

I don't really picture Townsend as Scrimgeour at all-he seems too young. My mental pic of Greyback doesn't really work for Townsend either, (though the idea of Townsend sneaking in and ravaging me in the middle of the...wait, what was I talking about?)

Bill Weasley would also be a potential role for Townsend, if he dyed his hair (Bill was the looker of the Weasley bunch).

Jason Adams said...

I forgot that we haven't seen Bill yet. That's a good call. I'm having a hard time imagining Townsend with orange hair, though...

I liked the Daniel Day Lewis suggestion for Fenrir I read yesterday. I could never see DDL signing on, but he'd be perfect.

John T said...

Weirder things have happened than Day-Lewis going into Harry Potter. I mean, Sean Penn once did a guest spot on Friends.