Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brokeback Broadway


God, is it the heat and the sunshine and the blue skies causing everybody's brains to drift away this week or what? I feel like half of the "news" I've been posting on has been nothing but conjecture, somebody's wet dreams making the internet rounds... anyway, this is the latest from ONTD:

"So an industry insider who wishes to remain ~anonymous~ tipped us off about the next broadway concept that's nearing its completion ... Brokeback Mountain. (I shit you not...)

Can you guess what stars they're shooting for?

James Marsden & Hugh Jackman"

What is it with this pair? Somebody really wants to watch the two of them go at it, don't they? I mean, me too, but good grief. Anyway yeah, it is what it is. And by "it" I mean "excuse to post another set of pictures of James and Hugh and then stare dreamily into space while I imagine hardcore pup-tent fornication."

But really, isn't this the sort of property Jake should take as his Broadway debut? Debuting the pup-tent scene five feet from my face, I mean, every night for several months? Sigh...


Anonymous said...

hot hot hot hot hot

But I really hope they're not thinking of going the musical route...I can't imagine what songs they could sing.

John T said...

In Re: to Marsden/Jackman: Secret lovers, that's what we are

And if this actually happens, I'll finally be buying that plane ticket to New York.

Marius said...

Yeah, that would make me very happy.

John T said...

If this did happen, btw, I'm fairly positive that they'd go with Hugh being Ennis and James being Jack.

Jason Adams said...

Why, does James scream bottom for you?


Or would you just like him to?


God all this news has got my mind in the gutter today. The gutter! This is what I get for watching Female Trouble last night. John Waters has warped my fragile, little mind.

Anonymous said...


Cherita said...

I'm almost speechless. Well, I would be speechless, if I thought this were a reliable tip. Is nothing sacred? Why on earth would anyone even imagine that they could do justice to Ang Lee's masterpiece? If we must have Cyclops/Wolverine action (and believe me, I'm not saying I wouldn't want to see that), can't they just write it into the new spinoff franchise? Oh, right. Because Cyclops dissipated, evaporated, or whatever the hell that was. Meh.

Marius said...

This is what I get for watching Female Trouble last night. John Waters has warped my fragile, little mind.?

John Water's warped your mind? YES! Mission accomplished.

Glenn Dunks said...

This is a fuckin' stupid idea.

Like, really fuckin' stupid.

Jason Adams said...

Well of course it's a terrible idea, but I have no faith that it could actually happen. Right? I'm not being foolishly optimistic, right? Ahem. Anyway, I didn't post seriously on it because I didn't take the news seriously, but if I had posted seriously it would've been something along the lines of "I am cocking my gun right now and heading up to 42nd street."