Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Totally Awesome Quotes of the Day

Ho ho ho, the following pair of quotes are gold, verbal gold -

--- Maggie Gyllenhaal, via MSNBC, on her role in The Dark Knight:

“I’m not walking into Katie Holmes’ performance,” Gyllenhaal said, reports WENN. “I’m thinking of it as an opportunity to play somebody who’s alive and smart. Chris (Nolan the director) asked me to do this because he wanted me, not because he wants some generic lady in a dress."

Rowr! Catfight! I think it's pretty obvious who wins this battle, though. I mean, Mags is so so right.

--- Paul Rudd, in an interview with Playboy via Towleroad:

"I've often said I'd like to do a play in which I'm totally naked, but each and every time the director and the cast have insisted I put clothes on. A few times I was fired from a production because I did a full-frontal nude scene at the very first performance and they said it was inappropriate. I'll tell you, the cast of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown has regretted it ever since. In all seriousness, I'm pretty carefree about stuff like that. If it were something classy, I'd show the old D&B. And by D&B I mean, of course, "dick and balls."

You know, he's already gone practically naked onstage... yes, of course I have a link! But yeah, let's make this happen. I'm writing the play right now. It's called Five Hours of Paul Rudd Standing Onstage Reading the Phone Book While Naked. I smell a hit!


Marius said...

I love you, Ja! Maggie and Paul in the same post. You sure know how to please your readers. :)

John T said...

I know this is mildly off-topic, but as Harry Potter is never entirely off-topic at My New Plaid Pants, I figured you'd want to know that they've cast three new actors for the next film. Purportedly, Naomi Watts has been signed as Narcissa (good choice), and Stuart Townsend and Joseph Fiennes have both been cast, but I can't find who they'll be playing, though I'm wondering if Fiennes won't be playing Tom Riddle, Sr.

Jason Adams said...

Indeed, John, HP's never off-topic! I'm excited that Watts will really do it, it's a small role but it's really smart of her, I think, esp. with those scenes of hers in the final book.

I LOVE Joseph Feinnes playing his brother's father, if that's who he does play, that'd be brilliant.

Hmm, who's left for Stuart to play? Any chance you have a link to where you saw this, John? I'll do some scouring around anyway...

marius - I saw these quotes almost simultaneously myself, and very happy a juxtaposition it is!

John T said...

Here's the link: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,22124731-5012980,00.html

I'm thinking Townsend might play Fenrir Greyback, though I must admit that I never pictured Greyback being quite that good-looking.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...Paul Rudd

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!
I copied a few lines from the Rudd quote into my blog. (http://emeelia.blogg.se). I linked to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry....I don't get Maggie Gyllenhaal....she always looks like an out-of-work actress from the 30's.