Monday, May 07, 2007

Sarah Polley Is Still My Hero

Since I'm well into my love affair with Sarah Polley these days, I figure I should direct y'all to this wonderfully pleasant chat with Polley over at AICN. She talks briefly about everything - her directorial debut, Away From Her; being traumatized at 9 years old by Terry Gilliam on Baron Munchausen; what drew her to being in the Dawn of he Dead remake. She comes off exactly as you'd expect her to - sincere, intelligent, wonderful.

I saw Away From Her over the weekend and it's a terrific first film that proves Polley's going to be around for a very long time, if not in front of the camera then definitely behind. She gets really lovely performances from leads Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent, but especially standing out to me was Kristen Thomson as the probably-too-invested nurse, and they discuss Thomson in the above interview. And even though Polley maintains that she was trying to not be derivitive of anyone she's been influenced by, I definitely got an Egoyan-like vibe from the film's free-floating narrative structure. A really lovely film.


Anonymous said... I want her to have an Oscar

DL said...

You know I met her, right? Well, if not, now you do. She shook my hand at my local film festival last September. It was *awesome*.

Marius said...

Yeah, I think Sarah has a bright future as a director. I'm going to blog about her at some point. I'm glad she's your hero; she's mine, too. She rocks!