Monday, May 07, 2007

The Best 80's Horror

Y'all need to do yourselves a favor and head over to Strange Conversation and check out this fantastic list of the Top 10 Horror Movies of the 1980's. Writer Daniel Stephens did a really wonderful job compiling his list and explaining why he chose them, and while I might come up with a different list if doing the same - is it wrong that I've only ever found Fright Night moderately entertaining? And Evil Dead II would easily make my top 5 - they're still all thought-provoking choices.

The 80's is the period I grew up watching and learning to love film, especially horror, and I've long gotten the impression that, as far as the general critical consensus goes, it's seen as a lackluster decade. But I have to wonder if we won't be seeing more revisiting and canonizing of the decade's work as time passes.

And as a super-fun bonus, Stephens includes a list of his favorite Top Five Moments from 80's Horror Films as well. Great read.

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Unknown said...

By the way I saw Bruce Campbell about a month ago here in Ashland. He was in town because of some small film he did which was shown here at the film festival. They also did a mini-rerelease of one of his horror films. I don't know which, I've never seen them, put I could have shown that the guy throwing himself at Bruce chest was you.