Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wait Just A Second...

So Bradley Cooper just got engaged to (the lovely) Jennifer Esposito?

Um... okay. I mean, Jen, you better check your chin though, because I think I see a BEARD sprouting there. BUT WHATEVER.

Here's some Bradley in cuter, gayer times:

On Alias

Bathing with Amy Poehler

And my personal fave, Bradley getting plowed
by Michael Showalter Ian Black in
Wet Hot American Summer -



Scott said...

Uh, in that last shot he's getting plowed by Michael Ian Black, not Michael Showalter.

That's such a fun movie - and his bits with Amy Poehler are some of its best parts.

Jason Adams said...

Oopsie! Got my Member-o-Stella Michaels mixed-up! Thanks, Scott, I'll fix that...