Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Switching Teams

Don't really have much to add to the whole Mark Foley debate that isn't being said at AMERICAblog or the round-up's of info that Towleroad keeps doing (also loved ModFab's contribution), but this tidbit of info amused/repulsed me enough to make mention of. From BradBlog:

"Fox's O'Reilly Factor just covered the Mark Foley (R-FL) issue in two different segments, one of them with a page who says he received communications from Foley, and another with Ann Coulter.

Never mind the content of either segment for now. Incredibly, during a total of three different cutaways to video footage of Foley, he was labelled at the bottom of the screen eachtime as "(D-FL)" !

Three different times. In two different segements. Each cutaway about 15 seconds or more. Showing Foley as a DEMOCRAT. Amazing."

Amazing but not surprising - Bill O'Reilly is such a freaking slimebag. I'm sure they'll play it off as some sort of glitch, but please.

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