Thursday, August 10, 2006

What's In For Fall

EW has a list of the 10 Fall Movies They Can't Wait To See. They have their reasons, and I have mine. Let us compare and contrast, shall we?

10. Marie Antionette (October 20)

Their reason: "After the dreamy enchantments of Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation, we'll come along to whatever strange landscape she wants to visit — especially if she's bringing along Virgin star Kirsten Dunst."

My reason: To give the finger to the French. Yeehaw, America!

9. Feast (September 22)

Their reason: "We've already waited since spring 2005 and three postponed release dates for this tongue-in-cheek frightfest from the final season of Project Greenlight."

My reason: Well, I've never seen an episode of Project Greenlight, but they sold me by describing the movie as "Monsters, chicks, explosions, blood, a studio film, a real budget." But I'm easy like that.

8. Fast Food Nation (October 20)

Their reason: "Richard Linklater is always a fascinating director (A Scanner Darkly, School of Rock), so we're intrigued by how he'll adapt a nonfiction polemic into a dramatic story."

My reason: My mid-section's been telling me I need to put down the Big Mac, and I think this promises to be the gun-to-the-head I need. Evil, cheeseburger, evil!

7. Borat (November 3)

Their reason: "Equal-opportunity offender Sacha Baron Cohen makes us laugh helplessly, often in open-mouthed shock."

My reason: Well, the trailer that people keep raving about didn't make me laugh once. SBC as Ali G has made me laugh but what I've seen of Borat has equaled Bor-ing. So... I have no reason, unless SBC approaches me in the street and hands me 20 dollars.

6. The Departed (October 6)

Their reason: "Martin Scorsese and gangsters? Say no more."

My reason: Uh, yes, say more. Are you serious, EW? Scorsese doesn't get a free pass any more. Even with gangsters. We'll see, I am unconvinced as of yet, its trailer is yawn-a-riffic.

5. Bobby (November 22)

Their reason: "Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Laurence Fishburne, Elijah Wood, Sharon Stone, Martin Sheen, Helen Hunt, Heather Graham, William H. Macy, and Harry Belafonte — can we handle that much starpower?"

My reason: When was the last time Harry Belafonte (or Demi Moore for that matter) was considered a star? God, who writes this crap, the film's publicist?

4. Flags of Our Fathers (October 20)

Their reason: "The re-teaming of Million Dollar Baby director Clint Eastwood and screenwriter Paul Haggis is enough to make us take notice — and start calculating Oscar odds.”

My reason: Paul "Crash” Haggis can go sit in a corner and die now. Seriously. Paul? Corner. Die. Now. But I did like MDB more than I expected to, and it has Ryan Phillippe in a uniform... so tough call, this one.

3. For Your Consideration (November 17)

Their reason:
"No one makes more reliably hilarious ensemble comedies than Christopher Guest (A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman).”

My reason: I was starting to feel really bitter there, about their choices, but now they seem to be back on track. I could spend hours listing off my reasons (Parker! Jennifer!) for wanting to see FYC, but the first that pops into mind is Ricky Gervais joining Guest's players... good stuff, that.

2. The Fountain (November 22)

Their reason: "It's been six years since director Darren Aronofsky last fried our brains with
Requiem for a Dream, and we're eager to see what he can do with an eight-figure budget."

My reason: I've made no secret about how I feel about Requiem, having called it one of the greatest movies ever made, and Ellen Burstyn's performance therein one of the greatest of all-time, so Aronofsky releasing a new film gets me about as hard as if Jake Gyllenhaal were digging in my trousers.

1. Casino Royale (November 17)

Their reason: "The idea of a rougher, rawer, rebooted James Bond leaves us both shaken and stirred."

My reason: Certainly not the film I'm most excited for this Fall (that's #2), but the trailer's pretty kick-ass and Daniel Craig within said trailer in those swim-trunks is certainly... eye-catching... so this'll probably end up being the first Bond film I see. Yes, that's right, I've never seen a Bond film before. Gasp!!!


Anonymous said...

Here from the Film Experience blog, because I enjoyed your post of today's, followed the link to your BBM review and loved it still more, and loved the gratuitous men in underpants as well :)

But I'm commenting here because of your reason to see Marie-Antoinette! And because I'm French, and so, rightly outraged, except not really! See, though the film was not so well received, in Cannes, it was from an international audience, and a lot of French film critics like it - I think the majority of the reviews were positive. As for the French audience, well, the mostly didn't care! And I must confess I didn't go see it, because the trailer I saw was terribly, horribly, PINK.

You know, Hollywood has been maiming the French history in general and the Revolution in particular for as long as it existed, a lot of good films came out of it, and I don't think the French ever minded :)

Jason Adams said...

Aww, Nissama, I didn't mean to pseudo-outrage you! As I posted it crossed my mind if slagging an entire country might bite me in the ass. But I meant it jokingly. Really!

I agree that I was sort of bewildered by the trailer, but Coppola's got so much goodwill stored up from Lost In Translation from me that I'll have to see MA.

"Yeehaw, America" is a sentiment, coming from me, that could only be said with a massive dose of sarcasm.

I mean no ill towards the wonderful French of the world! Viva la croissant! (sorry, I don't speak a word of French, that's the best I can do and probably only digs my hole deeper...)

But I'm glad you liked the posts you mentioned, and please come back, I promise only to semi-offend you every so often. ;-)