Thursday, August 10, 2006

On Araki


Being Boring has got a Gregg Araki Blog-a-Thon going on right now, everyone needs to go and check it out, he's writing some really interesting stuff on the queer cinema rebel-wunderkind's oeuvre.

Well, Araki's not-so-much a "wunderkind" anymore, I guess, being 46 years old and obviously having matured some with Mysterious Skin, but you get the idea.

Besides MS, it's been a few years since I've seen any of Araki's films, so I don't really feel prepared to give any of them their due with a good-sized dissection. I can say (star-f*cker alert!) that I've briefly met Araki three seperate times and every time (even post-Festival-screening of MS) he's been wearing a shirt without sleeves. That was the extent of my impression of him. A tiny man with very large arms.

But I'm a fan of all of his films, or at least find them interesting and/or hot as hell. Which is plenty of reason to encourage a filmmaker to keep going. I'm especially curious what he'll do next after Mysterious Skin, which was my second favorite film of last year.

ETA Looks like he's doing a comedy next, called Smiley Face, starring Adam Brody and Anna Faris. Anna! So there.

And what the hell, here's a little gallery of a few of the visual-pleasures Araki has brought us (since I'm apparently the horniest devil on Earth this week):

Okay, I cheated, those are all about Jonathan Schaech. Sue me!

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