Friday, August 18, 2006

Daniel Craig As Lord Asriel!


Word comes this morning that Daniel Craig, the newly minted James Bond, is tucking yet another franchise under his belt (his agent must be a very happy guy or gal these days) - he's signed on to play Lord Asriel in The Golden Compass, the first of three books in Phillip Pullman's amazing His Dark Materials trilogy.

Which I am sort of obsessed with, if you hadn't noticed.

Nicole Kidman signed on as Mrs. Coulter a few weeks ago and, alongside Craig as Asriel, these are - besides Lyra who's being played by an unknown - the most important parts in the entire trilogy (there's also Will, but he doesn't show up until Book 2). So Craig and Kidman are basically our adult leads; it's Lyra's (and later, Will's) dealing with the two of them which fuels her entire journey.

I have to say that, as much as I like Craig (and think he'll make for an awesome James Bond) I'm not as sold on him as Lord Asriel. I really had already cast Paul Bettany in the role in my mind, and he would've been perfect. But Craig has proven himself to be an entirely capable actor and I have confidence that he'll win me over. It's not like they cast Paul Walker or something here; I can deal with Craig.

And I just realized, with new Bond-girl Eva Green playing the witch Serafina and Craig playing Asriel, we're having a little bit of a Casino Royale reunion here. Huh.


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